Cheetah Cub and Puppy Are Best Friends

Metro Richmond Zoo‘s cheetah cub Kumbali had to be removed from his litter, because his mom, Khari, was not producing enough milk and he was losing weight. After that he was bottle-raised by zoo keepers.

Because Kumbali was all alone, the zoo wanted him to have another four-legged companion, a puppy with a calming, yet fun-loving personality. Labs are well-known for these qualities, so they searched tirelessly trying to find the right lab mix puppy at the appropriate age.
The zoo found the right puppy through rescue organisations The Art of Paws and AWOL MUTTS. They named him Kago.
Cheetah cub and puppy are best friends

After slowly introducing the two, they quickly assumed the title of friends. Now Kumbali can jump, run, lick, and play with his pal Kago. They don’t even seem to recognize their differences in species, size, or color. There is only acceptance.

Cheetah cub and puppy are best friends
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