Dog survived 55-mile journey wedged in the grille of a car

A dog in Brazil is recovering after surviving a 55-mile journey wedged in the grille of a car.

According Brazil’s Globo G1, the dog was in the middle of a road near Itapetinga, Brazil when it was hit by a car.
The driver Julia Cesar Siqueria claims he saw the dog, swerved to avoid hitting it, but heard a “thud” as he came upon the dog.
He kept driving, knowing he had hit an animal.
He said: “I was traveling at speed and knew it could have survived the collision, so I kept driving.”

Siqueria didn’t know that the dog was actually wedged in his car’s front bumper grille.

It wasn’t until Siqueria arrived at his destination 55 miles away that he noticed passers-by frantically waving him down to alert him. Rescuers were shocked to find the female dog still alive and conscious.

Dog recovering
Photo via wsoctv

Firefighters and a vet were able to pry the dog out of the car and take it to a local clinic. Amazingly, the animal was found to only have a broken leg.
The dog has been named “Vitoria,” which means “victory” in English, after the name of the town where she was rescued.
Siqueria has reportedly agreed to pay for the dog’s treatment.

Source wsoctv (via)