Meet Wadsworth, the world’s oldest cat

Meet Wadsworth, the world’s oldest cat
Picture: Geoff Robinson

Wadsworth is the world’s oldest cat after turning 27 – or 125 in human years.

The cat didn’t have the best start after being born the runt of the litter and was even thrown out by his owners.

When he was just four weeks old, he was adopted by 66-year-old Ann Munday in Ravensden, Bedfordshire. With the vets’ help she nursed him back to health and “he has gone from strength to strength”.

“He was very poorly and sick when we got him,” she said.
“He was back and forth to the vets in the first few weeks, he was full of infection but with the help of the vets we nursed him back to health.”
She said she has no idea how he has managed to reach such an age as he had been the “runt of the litter”. 

The surgery, which moved to Acorn House in Brickhill, and still treats the cat, has verified his age.

Mrs Munday said: “He’s like a little old man really, he gets up, goes out, comes in, has his food and then goes back to sleep.”