Council worker allowed to keep dog found in rubbish bin

A man who found a dog in a rubbish bin says he is “really pleased” to become his full-time owner.
Jason Bloomfield, 40, found the dog in a roadside bin while working for Mid Suffolk County Council’s street cleansing team in March.
He took care of Dusty as the council waited 30 days to hear from the dog’s original owner. Nobody came forward.

Dusty the dog

“I can’t imagine life without him now,” he said. “It’s only been a month but he’s settled in and doing really well.”
Mr Bloomfield found Dusty while collecting litter from a locked bin near Stowmarket.
He described the media coverage of his story as “a big surprise” and wanted to thank his local community for their support.
“It’s been humbling how much people care,” he said.
Mid Suffolk District Councillor Roy Barker said: “Jason has done a highly commendable thing and stepped above and beyond by taking responsibility and rehoming Dusty.
“Our Environmental Health team have carried out all the necessary checks and know Dusty will be going to a loving and caring home.”
Via: BBC News