Bornean orangutan twins set for Hong Kong zoo [VIDEO]

Bornean orangutan twins

Bornean orangutan twins were born at the Zoological & Botanical Gardens last July, the first pigeon pair to be born there. They consist of elder brother Wan Wan and younger sister Wah Wah.

Bornean orangutan twins Wan Wan and Wah Wah will meet the public from February 10.

Weighing about 5kg, they sleep 12 hours a day. They eat five times a day, including two meals of baby food and fruit, just like human babies.

The gardens’ staff took custody of the twins after they noticed their mother Raba would not breastfeed them.

The veterinarians’ efforts to bring the twins and their mother together are starting to pay off after seven months’ work. Raba is finally responding positively to the twins by getting close to them.

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