50 cutest animal photos of 2011

Here’s our list of the cutest animal photos of the year.

Cute clouded leopard cub
Clouded leopad cub from Smithsonian’s National Zoo (Photo credits: Mehgan Murphy, Smithsonian’s National Zoo)

Cute slow loris twins
Photo credits: Moody Gardens [via]

Cute meerkat cub
An employee bottle-feeds a one-week-old meerkat cub at the Royev Ruchey zoo in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk. (Photo: Reuters)

Clouded Leopard cub
2-month-old Clouded Leopard cub at the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium’s. [via]

Baby squirrels
The four baby red squirrels sleep in their bed at the rescue centre. [via]

Cat and deer
A ginger cat nuzzles with a deer at Odessa Zoo, Ukraine. (Photo: Vitaly Tkach/Rex Features)

Cute baby orangutan cuddles a stuffed toy
A zoo keeper holds baby orangutan Boo, a 9-month-old orphan, as it plays with a toy during a presentation at the Madrid Zoo & Aquarium April 14, 2011. (Photo credits: Reuters)

The orphaned ring-tail possum
Swiss, the orphaned ring-tail possum has been fitted with a splint on her broken arm. (Photo: Newspix / Rex Features)

Jaguar cubs
Three one-month-old jaguar cubs at the Leningrad city zoo in St. Petersburg (Photo: Reuters)

Little penguin
Two-week-old Little penguin rests against a stuffed animal in an incubator at the Cincinnati Zoo. (Photo: AP)

Bear cub plays with the dog
A bear cub named Medo plays with the Logar family dog in Podvrh village, Slovenia. (Photo: Reuters)

Snow squirrel
A red squirrel looks for food in the snow. (Photo: Danny Green / Rex Features)  

Einstein, the world smallest horse
Einstein, the world smallest stallion. (Photo: Charlie Cantrell/ Barcroft Media)

Seven ginger guinea pigs
Seven ginger guinea pigs rescued by The Blue Cross animal charity. (Photo: The Blue Cross)

Twin polar bears
Twin polar bears are bottle-fed by carers at Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park, Dalian, Liaoning Province, China.(Photo: KeystoneUSA-ZUMA / Rex Features)

White lion cub
A three-day-old white lion cub sleeps in Belgrade Zoo, Serbia. (Photo: AP)

Gorilla with flower
Gorilla with flower via [via]

Baby raccoons
Police found six two-week-old raccoons in a fireplace in a house in Frankfurt, Germany. The baby raccoons are pictured at a breeding station in Frankfurt. (Photo: Reuters)

Koala sleeps
Sprinkles the koala sleeps following radiation treatment at the Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre in Australia. (Photo: EPA)

Twin wallaby joeys
Salt and Pepper are a very unusual pair of twin wallaby joeys – with Pepper being born the usual colour and Salt being born albino. (Photo: Newspix / Rex Features)

Sand kitten
Renana, a three-week-old sand kitten, is seen in her enclosure in the Ramat Gan Safari Park near Tel Aviv. (Photo: Reuters)

Fox cubs cuddle
Fox cubs cuddle up together to stay warm. (Picture: Lise De Serres / Solent)

Flying squirrel
A red and white giant flying squirrel at the zoo in Wroclaw, Poland. (Picture: EPA/Maciej Kulzynski)

Red panda cubs
Two red panda cubs are presented to the media at the Berlin Tierpark zoo.(Picture: Reuters / Tobias Schwarz)

Baboon and bushbaby
A seven-month-old yellow baboon, which rescued in Maralal (northern Kenya) has adopted the Galagos, also known as a bushbaby. (Photo: Reuters)

Cute baby elephant
The Indianapolis Zoo’s African elephant calf, born on July 20, plays in her exhibit. (Photo: AP)

Cheetah cubs
Smithsonian National Zoo veterinarians hold five cheetah cubs born on May 28 at the zoo’s institute in Front Royal, Virginia (Photo: AFP/Smithsonian National Zoo)

Dingo puppies
Two of the seven dingo puppies born at Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney. (Picture: Rex Features)

A dog carries a puppy out for a walk in a basket
A German Shepherd dog called Xiao Long carries a one-month-old puppy out for a walk in a basket in the southern Chinese town of Ronggui (Photo: Quirky China News / Rex Features)

Cheetah and puppy
Kali the cheetah and puppy Mtani play together in Busch Garden Tampa in Florida. (Photo: Busch Gardens Tampa Bay) [via]

Cute baby giraffe
Arusha the Rothschild giraffe calf is nuzzled by its parents at the Schonbrunn Zoo in Vienna, Austria. (Photo: CEN)

Gorila baby
Gorilla mother Dian holds her baby Quembo at the zoo in Frankfurt, Germany (Photo: AFP) [via]

Baby hedgehog
Hedgehog rescuer, Steve Whalley, from Fulwood, feeds milk to a baby hedgehog. (Picture: MEN)

Piglet and kitten
Alphie the piglet and Jinks the kitten (Photo: Barcroft) [via]

Koalas cuddle
Boonda the six-month-old baby koala with his mother, Elle at Sydney Wildlife World (Photo: Cameron Richardson / Rex Features)

Cute leopard cub
Nayana, a 5-week-old Sri Lankan leopard cub, looks out of a pail at Bratislava Zoo. (Photo: Radovan Stoklasa / Reuters) [via]

Baby Bornean orangutans
Baby Bornean orangutans are cared for at Hong Kong’s zoo. [via]

Cute panda cubs
Giant panda cubs lie in a crib at Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in Chengdu, Sichuan province, China. (Photo: Reuters / China Daily)

Baby penguin
Bird specialist Victoria Oliver weighs a baby penguin at Edinburgh Zoo (Photo: PA)

Fluffy emperor penguin chicks
Two fluffy emperor penguin chicks cuddle up. (Photo: David C Schultz/Solent)

Cute penguins
49 penguins rescued from oil spill are released back into the sea (Photo: AFP / Getty)

Cute pika chewing salad
Cute pika chewing salad in Chatfield State Park, Colorado. (Photo: Kurt Bowman/Rex Features) [via]

Baby Sugar Glider
A four-month-old baby Sugar Glider, who was rescued after falling down a chimney, in Melbourne, Australia. (Picture: Craig Borrow ) [via]

Cute tiger cubs
Twin tiger cubs at a zoo in Magdeburg, Germany (Photo: Imago / Barcroft Media)

Tiger cub plays with the dog
One of the two tiger cubs that have been nursed from birth by a surrogate dog mother. (Photo: Rex features)

Cute squirrel monkey
A squirrel monkey huddles up to a radiator to keep warm at a zoo in Qingdao city, eastern China’s Shandong province (Photo: EPA)

A gorilla cuddles a duckling
A gorilla cuddles a duckling that had strayed from a nearby moat at Bristol zoo. (Photo: Noble / Draper)

Cute fox cubs with a cuddly toy
The abandoned fox cubs adopted a cuddly toy as their surrogate mother. (Photo: Solent)

Cute clouded leopard cubs
Clouded leopard cubs at Nashwille Zoo [via]

Adorable koala joey
Adorable koala joey (Photo Credit: Dreamworld Australia [via])