Seven kittens found in zipped up handbag

Seven kittens found in zipped up handbag
The kittens were found in zipped up PVC bag (Photo: Wales News Service)

The newborn cats were crammed into the airtight purple bag – and left on the side of a road.
But luckily the bright purple bag was spotted by a curious passer-by in time to save their lives.
The kittens were found semi-conscious and close to death – but were yesterday recovering at the Cat Protection Centre, Bridgend, South Wales.
Centre manager Sue Dobbs said:

“It’s the worst case I’ve seen in 13 years. We do see animals being dumped or abandoned but in all my time I have never seen anything like this.”Sue said the kittens – about six weeks old – were sealed inside the PVC bag which was completely air tight.She said: “It was a real stroke of luck that my husband happened to be driving past to go to the corner shop.“He saw the bag and thought one of the staff must have left it behind by accident so got out and checked it.“It was so lucky he did – because the vet said the cats would not have survived for much longer.“Thankfully they are making a good recovery and will shortly be available for homing.”