The cute and fluffy puppies that will grow to be police attack dogs

These adorable German Shepherd puppies were born at the force’s dog unit to two working police dogs – Cassie and Bach.
The four-week-old family are already being trained for their future as elite crime-fighters for West Midlands Police.

Cute German Shepherd puppies
Puppies cuddle up on some helmets at the West Midlands Police dog unit

The seven brothers and sisters will be placed with volunteers in just two weeks to help them become socialised and accustomed to different environments.
They will then go through several assessments to see if they are suitable, before being paired up with an officer to start training in earnest at just 15 months old.

Cute German Shepherd puppies
The fluffy dogs play happily, unaware that they will one day help protect Britain’s streets
The centre where the litter are training for life as fearless attack dogs

Dave Raymond, breed scheme manager for West Midlands Police, said:
‘We’ve got a big waiting list of people wanting police dogs as pets. A lot of people think “police dog, so it would make a good guard dog”, but we don’t want that.’
‘We want them to go to a loving home where they’ll be looked after.’
‘These pooches still have not been named, but have been labelled the ‘R’ litter, which will be the first letter of each dog’s name.’

Anyone with ideas for naming for the puppies will soon be able to submit suggestions to the Kennel Club at: