Welcome to the Cat House

Lynea Lattanzio lives with 700 furry felines and is dubbed the crazy cat lady but she has insisted: ‘I’m not mad!’

Ms Lattanzio, who was banned by her mother from having cats as a child, started to take in rescue animals and strays after her divorce in 1981.

In the following 30 years she has welcomed a staggering 19,000 moggies onto her 12 acre estate in Parlier, California.
The Cat House also offers low-cost spaying and neutering referrals and facilitates pet adoptions.
Costing her a hefty $40,260 (£26,000) per week – or $5729.31 (£3,714) per day – to maintain, she relies on donations and a dedicated team of volunteers to help her carry out the work.

A team of dedicated volunteers chip in with much-needed work around the estate

She said cats are often flown in from New York, after owners decide their apartments are too small for their pets. Sometimes, locals drop unwanted kittens right on her doorstep.

It costs almost $40,260 per month to buy the cat food and medical supplies
An hours-old kitten is brought into the facility for medical attention at The Cat House

She said: ‘We’re a no-cage, no-kill adoption sanctuary. I’m not crazy, what I do is crazy. I prefer to say I’m eccentric or masochistic. It’s the same thing, only nicer.
‘I’m sure there are other places that do what I do. I just don’t know where they are. And obviously they are few and far between. What I say is – if they don’t have a home, at least they have a life.’

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