The loneliest seal in the world

This seal pup was abandoned by his colony for having reddish-brown fur and blue eyes.
The rest of its sleek black family took an instant dislike to the ginger pup, leaving it to fend for itself.
The pictures were taken by Anatoly Strakhov, who spotted the seal on Tyuleniy Island, Russia.

Lonely seal pup shunned by his colony
The seal, which is almost blind, had been hiding under a pile of logs when he was first spotted.

The photographer, 61, said: ‘He was hiding and waiting for his mother to come and feed him.
‘He had a very strange colour fur and looked different from his two black brothers.
I was pleased to be able to capture such an unusual animal, but the poor seal is almost blind and so was unlikely to survive in the wild.’

Lonely seal pup shunned by his colony

Luckily, Mr Strakhov was with staff from a dolphinarium who took it into their care.
The pup – whose colour is the result of an accumulation of iron in its fur – might have had more luck in the U.S. One of the biggest concentrations of red-haired seals is in San Francisco.

Lonely seal pup shunned by his colony
The pup sits on is own up the beach while other seals group by the water’s edge.
Lonely seal pup shunned by his colony