Tiny poodle chases bear up tree

Tiny poodle chases bear up tree
Earlier Wednesday, the bear was spotted around 11 a.m. in the parking lot of Northshore Junior
High School, putting both Northshore and Woodmoor Elementary in modified lockdowns as a precaution.
That wasn’t the the first time it was spotted. Wildlife agents say the 2-year-old cub has been seen six times in 24 hours, heading north through neighborhoods from Kirkland yesterday.
One of the last places it was seen was Robert Carroll’s Rose Hill backyard.
“I thought, there’s a bear in my backyard,” said Carroll recalling the incident from Tuesday. “This is Kirkland, this isn’t happening.”
But the 150-pound bear proved no match for Little Schmoopie, a skittish three-pound teacup poodle pup. She sent the bear scrambling up a tree when it wandered into Carroll’s backyard.
“She loves chasing squirrels in the yard, but this is the biggest thing she’s chased so far,” said Carroll.

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