Cassie the British dog weighs three times her healthy weight

Podgy pooch Cassie has begun a strict diet after ballooning to over nine stone because she’d been allowed to gorge on roast dinners, takeaways, and fish and chips.

Cassie with Jess a healthy Collie (Photo: / Glen Minikin)

Cassie needs help getting up to go for walkies (Photo: / Glen Minikin)

The seven-year-old border collie looks almost seal-like after years of unhealthy eating left her over three times the weight she should be. Cassie was brought into the Dog’s Trust re-homing centre in Kenilworth, Warks., tipping the scales at 58kg when she should be 18-20kg. They have now been given the task of helping Cassie to slim down so she can be re-homed with a loving family but fear it will take them at least a year. The hefty hound, who is too fat to stand up to eat and suffers painful bed sores all over her body from lying down too often, lived alone with her elderly female owner – who regularly served her gut-busting treats like fish and chips on Fridays and full roast dinners on Sundays.