Brave donkey saved the sheep from mauling by a pitbull

Brave donkey Dotty saved her friend Stanley the sheep from mauling by a pitbull.
For when a vicious dog sank its teeth into her defenceless stablemate, Stanley the sheep, she instantly leapt into action to save him.

Dotty the donkey has been awarded the PDSA Certificate (People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals) for Animal Bravery after she courageously fought off a frenzied pitbull which was attacking Stanley the sheep.

After galloping across the paddock, she let out ‘a screech of rage’ before pinning the ferocious pitbull terrier to the ground.
She then chased the dog out of the field before returning to nurse her injured companion.
Farmer Ann Rogers, 63, who witnessed the rescue, said:

‘She just sprang into action.
The dog had its jaws clamped around Stanley. Dotty was behind in close pursuit.
‘Seconds later, she jumped off the bank she was on and with a screech of rage pinned the dog to the ground. Dotty clamped her teeth around the dog’s back and was biting down hard for a couple of minutes.
‘Eventually the pain must have become too much and the dog ran off.’

The pitbull, which also bit two horses in the face at the farm in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, was later put down.
Dotty and Stanley have become inseparable and now share a stable. According to the PDSA, donkeys are naturally stoical and protective animals.

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