Baby gorilla is a boy!

Dublin Zoo has revealed the sex of the baby born to western lowland gorilla Lena two weeks ago.

Newborn baby gorilla

The keepers in Dublin Zoo have had to wait two weeks to find out the sex of the newest addition to their gorilla family (pictured right).

So it was with pride they announced yesterday that the new baby, who is yet to be named, is in fact a boy. His mother Lena, a 29-year-old lowland gorilla, has been holding the baby close since he was born and keepers have been unable to get a glimpse at anything bar his head and legs.

“It was very hard to determine the sex of the baby and it is only over the past day or two that she has released that grip on the baby and we were able to have a look,” team leader Ciaran McMahon said.

Via: Irish independent

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