Battle for python

Two leopards battle for python

A python became the focus of an epic tug-of-war between two leopards. The six-and-a-half-foot (2m) long African rock python became the unwilling “rope” in the game, after being caught by a female leopard in the long grass. But as she dragged it, still wriggling, along behind her, she was ambushed by her son who wanted to land the kill for himself. The young male snatched the end of the enormous snake in his powerful jaws, and tried to tug it away from his mother.

Two leopards battle for python

The two big cats fought ferociously over their prey for half an hour, in front of stunned guests at the MalaMala game reserve, South Africa. The brutal battle was only ended when the female leopard gave up, retreating to a tree while her son tucked in to his prize. The scene was caught on camera by American photographer Josh Scheinert, who was staying at the MalaMala reserve.

Photo credits: Josh Scheinert/