Three-week-old seal pups survive 350-mile swim

Researchers didn’t think the three seal pups could survive after they were swept out to sea by turbulent storms.

Three-week-old seal pups survive 350-mile swim

Three young grey seal pups born on the National Trust’s Farne Islands off the Northumberland coast have been discovered hundreds of miles away on a Dutch beach.

The first of the ‘Farne Island three’ was found on the December 13 past year and was less than three weeks old when it made the 350-mile journey. After being found by a member of the public it was taken to a seal rescue centre in Holland.

Pups two and three were found at the beginning of this month and were taken to the same centre. All of the seal pups are recovering well and will be released back into the wild once they have put on enough weight; and they could potentially return home to the Farne Islands or another UK colony.

Image credits: Dave White/Flickr