Baby giraffe is born

Giraffe Eliška from the Prague zoo gave birth on Thursday, October 14th and managed to watching all online. The delivery lasted 58 minutes.

Baby giraffe newborn in Prague zoo
Photo: Jindřich Kodíček
Jan Marek, experienced nurse thinks it most likely is a male giraffe. The baby is alive and well. After it was born it stood up and drank some milk.

Baby giraffe newborn in Prague zoo
Photo: Tomáš Karlík

Newborn at birth is bigger than the average man: measuring about 180 centimeters.

Photo: Jindřich Kodíček

Check out the video. It shows the birth of baby giraffe.

Eliška was at the time just before birth in a special stall where two cameras are installed, which will be on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In cooperation with the Prague Zoo, have prepared a unique experience: you can watch baby giraffe right from two angles live: