Lost dog Muffy found after nine years apart from owners

A dog that vanished nine years ago has been found alive and well 1,200 miles away.

Muffy the lost dog

Ispectors from Australia’s RSPCA were investigating a possible animal cruelty case at a home in Melbourne when they found the dog, called Muffy, sleeping outside on a scrap of cardboard.

A microchip in Muffy’s neck identified her owners and after a few days of searching for a current phone number, officials tracked down Natalie Lampard, who had not seen Muffy since she disappeared from her garden in Brisbane nine years ago.

“When the RSPCA described her, I told them her name; I knew immediately it was our Muffy,” Ms Lampard said. “It was totally out of the blue – after nine years, I thought she was long gone.”

The owners of the Melbourne house where Muffy was discovered said they found the dog about a year ago wandering along a street.

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